Bidayuh Basketry

Bidayuh basketry is a traditional craft practiced by the Bidayuh community in Sarawak, Malaysia. The Bidayuh people are one of the indigenous ethnic groups in Sarawak. Their basketry is known for its intricacy, durability, and functional purposes. Basket weaving has been an integral part of Bidayuh culture for generations, with skills passed down from one generation to another.

Bidayuh weavers use a variety of natural materials to create their baskets. The primary material is rattan, a flexible vinelike plant that is abundant in the forests of Sarawak. Rattan strips are carefully prepared and woven to form the structure of the basket. Basket weaving techniques
vary among the different Bidayuh subgroups, each having its own unique style and patterns. Weaving techniques include twining, coiling, and plaiting. These techniques involve carefully
interlacing and binding the rattan strips to create the desired shape and design of the basket. While traditional basketry techniques and designs are still practiced, contemporary adaptations have emerged. Some weavers incorporate modern elements, such as new colors, materials, or patterns, into their baskets.

Bidayuh basketry showcases the skill, creativity, and cultural identity of the Bidayuh people. Visitors to Sarawak often have the opportunity to witness the weaving process or purchase these traditional handmade baskets as souvenirs or collectibles.

Written by: Muhammad Hunaizi Bin Hamzah


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