Melanau Terendak

Melanau Terendak is a traditional woven hat that originates from the Melanau community in Sarawak, Malaysia. Terendak is an iconic symbol of their cultural heritage. The hat is not
only a functional headgear but also holds significant cultural and ceremonial value.

The weaving technique used to create Terendak hats is known as “tali bukit” or “hill rope.” It involves intricately weaving the pandan leaves into a tight and sturdy structure. The weavers carefully manipulate the leaves to create patterns and designs that are unique to the Melanau community. Terendak hats typically have a conical shape, resembling a pointed hat.

The art of weaving Terendak hats is traditionally passed down from older generations to younger ones.
However, with the changing times, the number of skilled weavers has declined. Efforts are being made to preserve and revive this traditional craft through cultural initiatives, workshops, and community engagement.

Melanau Terendak hats represent the craftsmanship, cultural identity, and heritage of the Melanau people. They are not only functional headgear but also cherished cultural artifacts. Today, Terendak hats can be found in cultural displays, museums, and as souvenirs, offering visitors a glimpse into the rich traditions and artistry of the Melanau community.

Written by: Muhammad Hunaizi Bin Hamzah


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