“TIMOGAH digital marketplace exists to empower small rural farmers and local businesses, while also providing the convenience of online grocery shopping to local communities.” —  Heineken Laluan/CEO.

About Us

“To build an ecosystem
where anyone can use technology
to achieve more.”

“To develop a revolutionary digital marketplace for local businesses and communities.”


Founded in June 2017, TIMOGAH is now a well known digital and hyperlocal food or agricultural supply chain platform with delivery service, based in Sarawak.

Buy fresh local produce at retail or wholesale price at TIMOGAH and get them delivered to you everyday!

Timogah is helping small rural farmers, local food producers as well as small market retailers to market and distribute their agricultural produce; while also providing the convenience of online grocery shopping to its customers. Timogah is unique as it offers a wide variety of quality and authentic local food or agricultural produce of Borneo. Now it is easy to buy local fresh produce like midin, terubok, empurau, daun sabong, dabai, sabih, bambangan, terung dayak and many more to come.

Timogah is organizing local food or agricultural supply chain by first digitizing the demand and supply mechanism through its digital platform. The digital platform will help local farmers and small retailers to organize production, reach out to more customers and increase their income.